The Difference Of Anti-fouling Performance Between Polished Tile And Total Cast Glaze Tiles
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Polished tiles are suitable in addition to toilets, kitchen outside the majority of indoor space use, but the production of polished tiles left the concave and convex pores, these pores will be filth, resulting in the surface is very easy to infiltrate pollutants, and even some tea poured on the polished brick on the back of the powerless, and the impact of glazed tiles is far more than polished tiles.

The price difference between polished tile and full glazed tile

The simulation of glazed tiles is high, it combines the advantages of antique bricks and polished bricks, on the basis of glazed tiles on the brick surface for polishing, technology than polished brick complex, the appearance of both the rich color of glazed tiles, and polished tiles of the bright clean, so the price is more expensive than polished bricks.