How To Maintain And Clean Floor Tiles
- Jan 29, 2018 -

For white floor tile general dirty, with dry Bushi than with wet cloth wipe effect is good; wet cloth after the moisture left, the surface will be dirty, with a dry cloth rub, the more the more polished; for ink, rust, animal and vegetable fats, coffee, beer, etc., can be detergent, detergent and other cleaning, some brands with special cleaning agent, cleaning effect better. The wooden floor in the bedroom after the wax, the mop can not be used directly to clean tiles, dirt stained with wax easily contaminated tiles and more difficult to remove, the general need for manufacturers to use professional cleaning agent.

1, if stained with rust stains, can be fresh lemon juice drip on the rust stains repeatedly rub, and then wash with soap. Without fresh lemon, you can also use vitamin C tablets instead.

2, if stained with soy sauce, vinegar and so on, you can use clean toilet spirit.

3, ink infiltration in the words try toothpaste.

4, tea, ice cream, beer and other stains, with sodium hydroxide or potassium carbonate solutions such as soda can be removed. When processing to use the board brush, do not use the wire ball, otherwise will be scratched the surface of the tiles, and then stains on the difficult to deal with.