Floor Tiles Are Divided Into 3 Categories
- Jan 29, 2018 -

The variety of tile color is very many, the room of choice is very large, according to the material can be divided into glazed tiles, brick

(Non-slip bricks), polished tiles, glass-like bricks. Floor tile a ground decoration material. Baked in clay. Various specifications. Solid quality, small density, wear-resistant pressure, can moistureproof. After glazing treatment, play a decorative role. Mostly used in public buildings and civil building floors and floors.

Floor tiles as a large area of ground materials, using their own color, texture to create a different style of living room environment. Market on the type of bricks is complete, according to their own budget and preferences to choose the brand, according to the style of the bedroom to choose the appropriate style of floor tiles. Bright color glass brick decoration of modern home life, calm and simple glazed tile in Chinese, European style rooms complement each other, mosaic of different materials, different splicing use for the room to add thousands of amorous feelings, and creative novel, the quality of the tiles also played the role of the finishing touches.

Application: Applicable to square, living room, bathroom, balcony, shopping mall, office building, residential etc.

Floor tiles are divided into 3 categories: glazed tiles, porcelain tiles, tile tiles.