Characteristics Of Micro-crystalline Tiles
- Jan 29, 2018 -

1, microcrystalline brick surface crystal jade layer of Mo hardness of 5-6, strength is lower than polished tiles of the Morse hardness of 6-7.

2, microcrystalline brick surface gloss high, can reach 90%, if the scratches will be very easy to appear.

3, the surface of the micro-crystalline brick has a certain number of pinhole, encountered dirty things are easy to show.

4, the surface of the micro-crystalline brick is more easily scratched than polished tiles, and it is easy to appear, so the micro-crystal brick is not suitable for a large area of the ground floor.

5, the micro-crystalline brick with smooth surface, uniform tone, texture clear and elegant, shiny soft crystal, brilliant colors, texture, hard and delicate, do not absorb water pollution, acid and alkali resistance weathering, green environmental protection, no radioactive toxicity and other quality.