Characteristics Of Antique Floor Tiles
- Jan 29, 2018 -

1, Color

Simple and generous without losing elegance and solemnity

Antique tiles on the market are more orange, Taogongshi and beige color. These antique tiles not only retained the simple and thick pottery, but also the delicate and moist porcelain, combined with different block type combination, surface easy to clean up the characteristics of more and more people's favor. In order to create a natural feeling, antique floor tile surface is not as smooth as other tiles, visual effects have rugged sense, retro with a sense of fashion.

2, Texture on

Stylish avantgarde without losing comfort and nature

Antique tiles break through the porcelain feet feel inferior to the traditional clay bricks, feet feel very comfortable, stepping on a down-to-earth, warm, relaxed feeling, very suitable for advocating the return to nature of the crowd.

3, The use of

"Mix and Match" to create a natural style

Antique bricks in the ordinary family before entering, more used in cafes, bars and other environmental decoration, simple style and elegant environment combined, unique decorative effect by the young people love. In fact, the use of antique tiles is not limited to these places, as long as the overall selection of the classical natural style, the use of ordinary places can also show a unique personality.