About Tile Material Selection
- Jan 29, 2018 -

1, choose what kind of ceramic tile surface material to be used as the home functional area to

Decision。 If it is the wall of the kitchen toilet, you can choose the material of smooth glaze, it is easy to clean. The floor of the toilet needs to use non-slip matt material to avoid wrestling under wet conditions. There is a cloth on the market surface material, non-slip and feet feel like stepping on the cloth as comfortable, on behalf of the brand has the median Spanish tiles, Omega eggplant tiles, Abiani tiles and so on

2, Matte series: Special surface treatment, so that the ceramic tile without eye-catching reflective, the surface of the soft luster, delicate touch, appear more elegant. Some matte products can also be used for walls. Coarse Texture series: coarse texture brings retro style, this series of ceramic tile surface is completely not reflective, and with a slight bump, uneven coloring strengthens this antique feeling. Some decorative lines and flowers, but also to make the relief effect, quite beautiful. Smooth Rolling series: The same is smooth, but this kind of ceramic tile but give people new ideas. They are uneven surface, and pieces are different, paved the whole wall has a wealth of light and light changes.

3, ceramic tile has a variety of materials, divided into glazed tiles, brick, polished tiles, glass brick, mosaic several major categories. In the kitchen and other large areas of space, the first choice is smooth or matte glazed tiles, clean up very convenient, but also to create "fashion" effect. Many brands are equipped with colorful matte glazed tiles for consumers to choose from. Generally the ladies will like the color pass, also many people like to choose the ceramic tile with the fashion factor. Ground tile material is the best choice matte smooth, in order to prevent the kitchen Tom Water let the ground too slippery, accidentally safety problem. So the choice of floor tile anti-skid is the first.