Tips on the selection of floor tiles
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Choose well-known manufacturers to avoid a lot of problems, but how to avoid the switch, the genuine, first tile flatness is the first, or in the exquisite workmanship can not pave the way, the tiles will be different types of entry to break two pieces, to see whether the internal problem.

1, the appearance of uniform color, surface gloss and smoothness is good (except for special processes), especially polished floor tiles should pay attention to their gloss, the higher the gloss, the more exquisite polishing technology, the higher the relative hardness, so that the water absorption rate is low, the higher the wear resistance.

2, anti-pollution ability is better. On the surface of the ceramic tile one or two drops of ink or colored water, half an hour after wiping with a wet cloth, if left a clear traces of its easy infiltration, basically did not leave any traces, it is proved to be a good anti-fouling ability.

3, the size of the deviation can not be too large. Four pieces of brick together, should be more regular, no obvious dislocation phenomenon. Size error greater than 0.5MM, flatness greater than 0.1MM products, not only will increase the difficulty of construction, at the same time the effect of decoration is poor, can not be used in engineering.

4, water absorption rate to meet the requirements. The lower the water absorption rate, the higher the density of the product, the more difficult to penetrate. Usually colored ceramic tiles are not more than 10%; glazed porcelain tiles (including polished tiles) shall not exceed 0.5%; glazed porcelain tiles are not greater than 1%.

5, to see whether the quality of tiles qualified. Tile decoration quality mainly see brick and brick indirect seam height is greater than 0.5 mm, the overall surface of the flatness of 2 meters long range is greater than 2 mm, the seam straightness in the length of 5 meters is more than 3 mm, where more than the above range of the quality of the decoration is not qualified.

6, listen to ceramic tile sound: To distinguish the quality of ceramic tile inside, rely on see is not visible, you can use percussion method, from the voice to distinguish.

The method is: holding up a piece of tile in one's hands, tapping the brick face of another brick with the corner of a brick lightly, sound crisp and loud for good, burning cooked; if the dull is poor, that the brick has a heavy skin or crack phenomenon, heavy skin is the brick forming, the material in the air is not discharged, resulting in the combination of material and material is not good, internal crack, from the surface can not see out, Only by listening to sound can we identify.