Three aspects of acceptance of floor tiles
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Floor tiles in the home decoration occupies a very important position. Not only the bathroom, kitchen, balcony floor, but also the lobby, restaurant, living room is often needed

Decorate with tiles. Therefore, the quality of the tiles and the quality of the inlay will directly affect the housing quality, overall beauty and use of the function. Then the quality of the floor tile maintenance should pay attention to which links? The following three strokes can be used for testing.

A look

There are many kinds of tiles

According to the variety and technology can be divided into glazed tiles, non-slip bricks, glass brick, polished bricks, micro-powder bricks, such as tile infiltration tiles. Quality level is also very many: grade, qualified products, reject. The quality of the tiles and the quality of the mosaic by careful observation, often "true colours": the surface of the floor cracks uneven, uneven corners and floor tiles are bright, but the glaze layer or glaze layer in the inclusion of freckles or glaze color difference, can generally be judged to be poor quality of the floor tiles, belong to the necessary replacement of inferior products. The quality of brick decoration is mainly to see the overall surface of the flatness of 2 meters long range is greater than 2 mm, brick and brick indirect seam height is more than 0.5 mm, the seam straightness in 5 meters length whether there are more than 3 mm, where more than the above range of decoration quality is divided.

Two knocks

Check the floor tiles with no empty drums

The maintenance method usually uses the special small steel hammer or the small hammer, the small iron rod, around the room light small buckle hits the floor tile the four corners and the middle, tests the floor tile to have no empty drum. Sound crisp, for normal if there is a floated sound for the empty drum, it is not true to decorate the quality of the difference lattice, it is necessary to eliminate timely replacement. In the inspection, to the empty drum tiles to do on the logo, found that the tiles have broken, the phenomenon of the edge is also marked to be replaced. With too a inspector told reporters, some decorating companies often with "a small amount of empty drum in the quality of the promised scope" to mislead consumers, it is inconsistent with the regulations. To remind owners to pay attention to rights.

Triple Splash

may wish to splash test

The floor tile inserts to the balcony, the bathroom, the kitchen also has a drainage slope request. Check the bathroom, kitchen, balcony of the ground there is no potholes, go to the water is smooth, splashed with a lot of water will know. This "process" can be put to the end, to all the other items are finished, with a water device installed to sprinkle the ground, a little wait a moment, where the water shows where the floor tile uneven, or not enough to do the slope.