The tonal collocation of floor tiles
- Jan 29, 2018 -

1, for a small area, poor lighting toilets, not suitable for dark and warm color wall tiles. Because the dark wall tiles make people feel less space, more and more make the room appear dark: Another warm color of the wall tiles, visual on the feeling of approaching forward, will increase the room's sense of oppression. Therefore, this type of room usually uses light and cold color tiles.

2, floor tiles as a sanitary ware background, plays a foil role. So in the color lightness, color degree is much lower than the sanitary ware

3, the floor tile should maintain a tonal, the general floor tile color relative wall brick must be deep some

4, the bathroom wall brick, should the pattern is implicit, the color is elegant, faint, cannot dominate; the style of the kitchen wall brick should be concise and lively, pay attention to the style and color of the cabinet, cooking table, the pattern should be simple and generous, make the floor tile people feel clean and clear, decorate a few tiles

5, in the purchase of kitchen and toilet, balcony tiles, to first select the wall tiles, and then select the floor tiles, followed by the principle of the first fan. Floor tiles can choose a lot of colors, relatively simple, and the wall tiles have mounted, under the installation of the points, with more complex, first after a simple, will make your color matching more perfect.