Some points for attention on floor tiles
- Jan 29, 2018 -

1, floor tile laying temperature preferably above 10 ℃. Before laying, the floor tile face down, placed at the construction site for more than 24 hours, so that the floor tile temperature and the same room. The laying process should try to keep the room temperature constant.

2, floor tile In addition to the square, but also can be arbitrarily cut into triangles, rectangles and many other shapes.

3, before laying, first on the ground to draw a 10-style baseline. The method is to measure the ground size, draw the vertical or horizontal line in the center of the ground, and then make the vertical by the center of the line. The floor tile is inclined to pave, then the cross line should delimit with the original baseline into 45° angle. For best results, floor tile at the edge should be at least half of the floor tile, if less than half, you can translate the cross line 1/2 floor tile width. The laying of floor tiles should be spread from the center of the ground.