How to better choose the floor tiles
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Environmental killer One: flooring adhesive

It is generally believed that only wooden floors themselves will release formaldehyde. But in the actual installation process, will use a large number of floor glue, the role of the floor glue in the ground plate junction formation of plastic film, effectively lock the floor free formaldehyde. Flooring adhesive itself is environmental protection, as the main indicator of the use of flooring adhesives. High-quality flooring adhesive price is expensive, a lot of small workshop-style businesses tend to choose cheap common gum. Even cheaper than the inferior gum, in the "brand-specific" and "full package" under the guise of the logical entry into consumer households, bringing environmental risks.

Environmental Killer Two: Baseboard

In addition, the baseboard is also one of the hidden environmental "killers". Because most wooden skirting boards in the production process, the same choice of formaldehyde adhesive for gluing, veneer or lacquer. And the surface of the baseboard can not be as dense as the surface of the floor, in the normal use of the process, the free formaldehyde in the substrate is easily released to the indoor air environment caused pollution.

Environmental killer Three: Floor mat

Laminate flooring in the installation process, will be between the ground floor and floor mats. In this small, forgotten space is very easy to breed all kinds of bacteria often become the home environmental protection corner. Therefore, the use of anti-corrosion function of the floor mat is to ensure that the floor comprehensive environmental protection is an important link.

Experts said that "flooring glue, baseboard, floor mats, such as the strengthening of composite wood flooring ingredients, accessories through the way of tying with the floor to seek benefits, has become some of the floor of the customary trick and this is becoming a common family of environmental problems." Experts remind consumers not only pay attention to the quality of wood flooring in the purchase and ignore the quality of these accessories and environmental protection for these flooring "supporting" also choose to meet the national environmental standards of products.