Floor tiles with wet paving method
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Is a lot of home owners commonly used floor tile paving method, this aspect of the process and the difference between the dry paving method will be 1:3 of dry cement mortar replaced by ordinary water and cement mortar. The use of wet paving of the tile floor may produce empty drums and bubbles, affecting the life of the ground brick, but because of the easy operation of wet paving, and low prices, so many families still use wet paving method paving the ground.

3, acceptance of the quality of floor tile laying should be carried out in the following aspects:

(1) Whether the tiles are evenly spaced (usually 1mm).

(2) Whether the gap is straight, no wrong seam.

(3) floor tile without empty drum, fall off.

(4) The overall formation of floor tiles.

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